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Class SDict2DB

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                                                      object --+    
            MoSTBioDat.DataBase.ImportData.Data2DB.DBFile.DBFile --+
                                              object --+           |
                                                       |           |
   MoSTBioDat.DataBase.Connect.MoSTBioDatDB.MoSTBioDatDB --+       |
                                                           |       |
MoSTBioDat.DataBase.Scheme.MoSTBioDatScheme.MoSTBioDatScheme --+   |
                                                               |   |
      MoSTBioDat.DataBase.ImportData.Data2DB.TaBuilder.TaBuilder --+
                                                      object --+   |
                                                               |   |
  MoSTBioDat.DataBase.ImportData.Data2DB.InserTables.InserTables --+

Import data from shelve dictionary to database
    host - string, host to connect
    user - string, user to connect as
    passwd - string, password to use
    db - string, database to use
    port - integer, TCP/IP port to connect 
    log - boolean, logging flag
    unix_socket - string, location of unix_socket to use
    conv - conversion dictionary, see MySQLdb.converters
    connect_timeout - number of seconds to wait before the connection attempt fails.
    compress - if set, compression is enabled
    named_pipe - if set, a named pipe is used to connect (Windows only)
    init_command - command which is run once the connection is created
    read_default_file - file from which default client values are read
    read_default_group -  configuration group to use from the default file
    cursorclass - class object, used to create cursors (keyword only)
    use_unicode - if True, text-like columns are returned as unicode objects
                  using the connection's character set.  Otherwise, text-like
                  columns are returned as strings.  columns are returned as
                  normal strings. Unicode objects will always be encoded to
                  the connection's character set regardless of this setting.
    charset - if supplied, the connection character set will be changed
                  to this character set (MySQL-4.1 and newer). This implies
    sql_mode - if supplied, the session SQL mode will be changed to this
               setting (MySQL-4.1 and newer). For more details and legal
               values, see the MySQL documentation.  
    client_flag -  integer, flags to use or 0
                   (see MySQL docs or constants/
    ssl - dictionary or mapping, contains SSL connection parameters;
          see the MySQL documentation for more details
          (mysql_ssl_set()).  If this is set, and the client does not
          support SSL, NotSupportedError will be raised.
    local_infile - integer, non-zero enables LOAD LOCAL INFILE; zero disables
    format - string format for log handler
    filter - filter object from logger object
    datefmt - data/time format
    path - directory path to log file
    filename - log filename, default log
    filemode - mode to open log file, default='a'
    level - set root logger level to specified level
    logfilelevel- set level to log file
    cache - create cache for query, default=True
    scheme2file - boolean - save database scheme to shelve file
    dictpath - str - path to dictionary
    dictfilename - str - dictionary filename
    dbfile - str - database file path
    temporary - str - path to temporary dictionary file
    log - log flag, default=False

class object

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, dbfilepath=None, host='localhost', db='Ligand', user=None, passwd=None, port=3306, log=False, **kwargs)
x.__init__(...) initializes x; see x.__class__.__doc__ for signature
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SDict2Tab(self, baseImport=False, lowercasetablenames=True)
import data from shelve dictionary to database tables INPUT: class object baseImport - flag to avoid data importing to ChemComp table, default=False lowercasetablenames - boolean, lower case table names MySQL engine settings, default True OUTPUT: importing data to database
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isTabDesCorr(self, tablename, tabcol)
check table description with table name INPUT: tablename- name of table tabcol - list of column names OUTPUT: boolean
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Inherited from MoSTBioDat.DataBase.Connect.MoSTBioDatDB.MoSTBioDatDB: db, host, numberConn, port

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__init__(self, dbfilepath=None, host='localhost', db='Ligand', user=None, passwd=None, port=3306, log=False, **kwargs)

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