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Module DB2SDF

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Import data from Ligand database to SDF file INPUT: id - int, compound Id in ChemComp table, default False isosmi - str, isomeric SMILE code, default False zincode - str, compound ZINC code, default False dirpath - str, directory path sdfile - str, sdf file path confid - int, conformer table id atcharge - str, atom charge property name, default 'Charge' lowercasetablenames, boolean, MySQL lower case table setting, default True host - string, host to connect user - string, user to connect as passwd - string, password to use db - string, database to use port - integer, TCP/IP port to connect logdebug - boolean, debugging flag, default False fileformat - openeye output file format tag - boolean, str or list of tag names log - boolean, logging flag unix_socket - string, location of unix_socket to use conv - conversion dictionary, see MySQLdb.converters connect_timeout - number of seconds to wait before the connection attempt fails.