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Module MoSTBioDatDBSupport

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cPickle array - user cache memory INPUT: query - str - SQL query cachepath - str - path to cache directory, default - current working directory cachefilename - str - cache file names, default query cachedictfilename - str - dictionary cache file name, default - dictQuery numcachefiles - int - number cache files temporary - str - temporary cache directory, default /tmp/Query
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dict2array(rowdict, row)
from cursor dictionary create array INPUT: row cursor dictionary row counter OUTPUT: array of objects
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descolumn(columndesclist) source code
filterKeys(dictionary, keys, key)
check input settings
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remove file INPUT: path - str- file path
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findQueryCacheFile(dictfullfilename, query)
find cache file with given query INPUT: dictionary full pathname - str query - SQL query - str OUTPUT: filename path to cache file
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get query file object from cPickle...
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get query file object from cPickle
cache filename path - str
dictionary - 'desc' - column description
             'array' - array of objects