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   Thursday, 16 November 2000

9.00Opening ceremony
 Chairman: prof. A. Sieroń
 9.30-10.00K. AmmerTO1 "Infra Red Imaging in Medicine"
10.00-10.20M. Kaczmarek, A. Nowakowski,
J. Rumiński
TO13 "Exitation Methods in Dynamic Thermography"
10.20-10.40A. Kowalczyk, M. WojtkowskiTO2 "Optical Coherence Tomography"
10.40-10.55M. Adamek, G. Niepsuj, A. Sieroń, W. Cebula, A. Kawczyk-Krupka, M. Szyguła, W. Zieleznik, T. BiniszkiewiczTO3 "The Enhancement of Localisation of Pre-malignant Lesions and Cancer Foci within Bronchi by Autofluorescent Bronchoskopy (AFB)"
10.55-11.10T. Biniszkiewicz, A. Olejek,
A. Drebkowski, A. Sieroń, A. Urban, M. Teister
TO4 "Photodynamic Diagnostics in Uterus Cervix Cancer"
11.10-11.25M. Szyguła, A. Sieroń, B. Wojciechowski, M. Adamek, W. Cebula, T. Biniszkiewicz, W. Zieleznik, A. Kawczyk-Krupka TO5 "Photodynamic Therapy of Urinary Bladder-experiences of Two Years"
11.30-12.00Coffee break
 Chairman: prof. M. Waligorski
12.00-12.30L.ArnautTO15 "Towards a new generation of sensitisers for photodynamic therapy"
12.30-13.00I. CosicTO6 "The Resonant Recognition Model of Bio-molecular Interactions"
13.00-13.30J. E. LadburyTO7 "Interactions the Role of Solvent in Dictating Specificity in Protein-Ligand."
 Chairman: prof. W. Zipper
15.15-15.45B. JarząbTO9 "Diagnostic and Post-therapeutic Dosimetry during 131I Therapy"
15.45-16.00A. Konefał, A. Orlef, W. Zipper, J. Dorda, W. ŁobodziecTO10 "Measurements of energy spectrum of undesired fast neutrons in radiotherapy treatment by high-energy photon beams"
16.00-16.15A. Żak, J. Skubalski, J. JankowskiTO11 "The Alpha Spectrometer for Measurements of Activity of isotope Polonium 210Po Deposited in Glass"
16.15-16.30K. Ślosarek, A. Rembielak, A. GrządzielTO12 "Brachytherapy and Teletherapy Joint Action or Rivalry?"
16.30-17.00M. Waligórski, B. Rozwadowska-Bogusz, J. LesiakTO14 "Application of thermoluminescence dosimetry for verification of dosimetry calculations in an antropomorhic phantom irradiated by Co-60 beams"
17.00-18.30Poster Session
 Chairman: prof. B. Jarząb, prof. A. Ratuszna
  A. Chwałek, G. Kramer, A. Ratuszna, J. Habdas, M. WidełTP1 "Photodynamic Effect of Two Water-soluble Porphyrins on Human Malignant Melanoma and Murine Cervical carcinoma in Multicellular Megacolonies System in vitro."
B. Wojciechowski, A. Sieroń, M. Szyguła, M. Adamek, W. Cebula, T. Biniszkiewicz, W. Zieleźnik, A. Kawczyk- KrupkaTP2 "Own Experience with Autofluorescence Diagnosis of Bladder Cancer."
A. Olejek, T. Biniszkiewicz, A. Urban, A. Sieroń, A. Drębkowski, M. TeisterTP3 "Photodynamic Diagnostics of Epithelial Vulvar Diseases."
M. Sankowska, E. Beck, Z. DrzazgaTP4 "Testing of Biostimulation Laser BL 20 and Biofotometr UNIK 01 (in vitro Examinations)."
C. D. BlasciucTP5 "Teaching Ideas for Lasers in Medical Treatment."
A. Winiarski, K. Sapeta, M. Urbańczyk, A. PrajsnerTP6 "XPS, SIMS and X-ray diffraction analysis of urinary calculi."
A. Michnik, A. MisztalTP7 "Ageing of Aqueous Hemoglobin Solutions - UV VIS Spectrophotometry Study."
M. Jastrzębska, J. Zalewska, A. KocotTP8 "Dielectric Study on Hydration of Glutaraldehyde Stabilized Collagenous Tissue."
L. Dul, E. Kopieczna-GrzebieniakTP9 "The Effects of Angiotensine-converting Enzyme Inhibitors on Hydroxyl Radical generation Monitored by Spin Trapping and Deoxyribose Oxidation."
K. MonkosTP10 "Viscometric Study of the Temperature Dependence of the Conformation and Stiffness of Some Mammalian IGG Immunoglobulins in Aqueous Solutions."
Z. ZawadaTP11 "Measurements of Streaming Potential as Tool for Determination of Surface Potential of Colloidal Particles."
B. Bilińska, A. Lipowczan, Z. ZawadaTP12 "Fluorescence of Eye Lipofuscin Model Systems."
Z. ZawadaTP13 "Liposomes Coated Liposomes."
S. Grabiński, J. Juźwiak TP14 "Using of High-frequencies Audiometry in Medicine."
S. RzymełkaTP15 "High Frequency Audiometrie. The Methods of Assigning Physiological Threshold of Hearing in the 10-20 kHz Range."
J. Juźwiak, S. GrabińskiTP16 "The Influence of a Degree and a Level of Hearing Threshold on Social Hearing Efficiency- Determinant of Interpersonal Oral Communication."
M. LovieTP17 "Treatment of Cranial Curciate Ligament Insufficiency in Dogs."
W. Cebula, W. Zieleźnik, A. Sieroń, M. Adamek, A. Kawczyk-Krupka, M. Szyguła, T.BiniszkiewiczTP18 "Detection of Malignant Lesions of the Colon by Laser-inducted Fluorescent Endoscopy (Life)."
A. Kawczyk-Krupka, A. Sieroń, M. Adamek, B. Suwała-Jurczyk, M. Szyguła, W. Zieleżnik, W. Cebula, T. BiniszkiewiczTP19 "The Treatment of Malignant Skin Tumours and Oral Leukoplakia Using Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)."
M. OshtrakhTP20 "Some Applications of Positron Annihilation in Biomedical Research."
M. Słapa, W. Straś, M. Traczyk, M. Harat, P. SokalTP21 "Medical Set-up for Brain Tumor Brachytherapy by Means of "Photon Needle"."
A. Grządziel, A. Rembielak, K. ŚlosarekTP22 "Compensating Filters in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning."
A. Rembielak, A. Grządziel, K. ŚlosarekTP23 "Conformal Radiotherapy Prospects and Misgivings."
J. Rumiński, A. Nowakowski, M. Kaczmarek TP24 "Model-Based Parametric Images in Dynamic Thermography."
J. Rudzka, K. RudzkiTP25 "Errors in calculation of Individual Renal Function in Scintygraphy."
G. Grzesiak-Janas, A. JanasTP26 "Lasers in Oral surgery."
C. Ştefanovici, G. Orban, D. Zoltan TP27 "A practical point of view regarding the three part differential count of leukocytes on automated analysers"
I. C. Murariu, D. DorohoiTP28 "The importance of radiotherapy and chemotherapy for the treatment of rabdomyosarcoma in children"
I. C. Murariu, D. DorohoiTP29 "Radiology importance in ethiopathogenesis diagnosis and treatment of osteosarcome in children"
I. C. Murariu, D. DorohoiTP30 "The significance of the radiological investigation for diagnosis and treatment of essential bone cyst in child"
M. Waligórski, J. Lesiak, B. Rozwadowska-Bogusz, E. Byrski, R. Barańczyk, E.GóraTP31 "A clinical verification of the national recommendations for quality assurance in brachytherapy using the Selectron LDR/MDR"
T. Cieślik, T. J. Męcik, Z. Szczurek, D. SabatTP32 "Cancer of the oral epithelium located in the upper gingiva in the the light of research of energy dyspersive x-ray analysis method (first report)"
T. Cieślik, T. J. Męcik, Z. Szczurek, D. SabatTP33 "Possibility of many medical diagnosis using electron microscopy method"
I. Mróz, J. UrbanowskaTP34 "About dependences among amino acids, their codons and three-dimensional protein structures"
M. Tuszyński, M. Kostecki, A. KelanyTP35 "Radionuclides and heavy metals in the Dzierżno Duże ecosystem"
A. Kelany, M. TuszyńskiTP36 "Radium equivalent distribution for uncultivated soil in Upper Silesia, Poland"

   Friday, 17 November 2000

 Chairman: prof. A. Jasiński
9.00-9.30J. HennelFO2 "A New Technique of MR Imaging. Optically Polarised Noble Gases."
9.30-10.00J. WaleckiFO3 "State of Art in MR Imaging."
10.00-10.15B. BlicharskaFO4 "Flow Observation by NMR Tomography."
10.15-10.45M. SentjurcFO5 "EPR Oximetry in vivo"
10.45-11.15A. NowakowskiFO6 "Elektroimpedance Tomography Challenges and Limitation"
11.15-11.45Coffee break
 Chairman: prof. I. Cosic
11.45-12.15Ch. PolkFO1 "When Is a 'Non-thermal Bio-effect' of a Microwave Field Really a Thermal Effect? Implications of Measured Electrical Conductivity of DNA for Bio-effects of Electromagnetic Fields"
12.15-12.30J. Mrowiec, A. Sieroń, A. Plech, G. Cieślar, T. Biniszkiewicz, R.BrusFO9 "Involvement of Nitric Oxide in Mechanism of Analgesic Effect of Elf Magnetic Fields in Rats"
12.30-12.45A. M. Laverdure, M.O.North, G.Tritto, J.SurbeckFO10 "Development, Growth, Behaviour and Differentiation of Living Materials Exposed in front of a Cathodic Ray Tube Screen (CRT's): in vivo and in vitro Study."
12.45-13.15J. Surbeck, M. O. North, A. M. Laverdure, G.TrittoFO11 "Physiological and Neuro- physiological Effects of the Cathodic Screens Radiation in Workers and Children"
13.15-13.30E. Beck, Z. DrzazgaFO12 "An analysis of ELF electromagnetic field penetrating biological systems in resonance models"
 Chairman: prof. A. Nowakowski
15.30-16.00H. Nowak, U. Leder, J. HaueisenFO7 "Biomagnetism: a Challenge for Non-invasive Diagnostics."
16.00-16.30Z. DunajskiFO8 "Biomagnetism in Clinical Practice."
16.30-16.45M. Surma, J. Bućko, G. Bąk, M. Ciszek, M. SurmaFO14 "Natural and High Magnetic Field Induced Optical Activity of Human Serum."
16.45-17.00Coffee break
17.00-18.30Poster Session
 Chairman: prof. M. Surma, prof. J. Surbeck
  M. Sokół, W. Przybyszewski, P. Pieniążek, L. Flakus, J. Walecki, A. KoterbickaFP1 "Glucose Detection - in vitro and in vivo 1H NMR Studies"
E. Kopieczna-Grzebieniak, J. Kasperczyk, W. Wojakowski, W. Wesołowski, K. Siemianowicz, T. Francuz, J.GmińskiFP2 "1H-NMR Technique in Study of Plasma Lipoproteins Extracts"
A. SułkowskaFP3 "Purine bases - serum albumin complexes formation"
B. Blicharska, T. KupkaFP4 "NMR Studies of 5-fu Cytostatic Drug"
T. Kupka, M. Sokol, P. Pieniazek, G. Pasterna, G. Kramer, M. Gaspar A. AmirabadiFP5 "Processing of NMR Spectra of Brain Tumor Using PC."
D. DudaFP6 "Effect of 50 Hz Magnetic Fields Exposure of Rats on the Body Weight and Relative Mass of Selected Organs."
M. Kubacka, A. Bilska-Urban, A. Sieroń, A. Wiczkowski, G. Cieślar, E. Birkner, E. Grucka-MamczarFP7 "Oxygen Free Radicals Changes Caused by Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field in Hepatic Tissue Homogenatsof Ovariectomized Female Rats."
A. Bilska-Urban, M. Kubacka, A. Sieroń, A. Wiczkowski, G. Cieślar, E. Birkner, B. Maciaszek-ŁójFP8 "Changes of Enzymes Activity in Blood and Hepatic Tissue Homogenats of Ovariectomized Female Rats after Exposure to Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field."
M. Bartoszek, M. Bałanda, D. Skrzypek, Z. DrzazgaFP9 "The Studies of Magnetic Properties of Hemin"
K. Pawlicki, A. Kawa-Iwanicka, T. Iwanicki, E. Wielgus, Z. DrzazgaFP10 "Influence of Static and Extra Low Frequency (ELF) Magnetic Fields on Human Blood Cells."
H. Duda, E. Beck, E. Dziuk, Z. DrzazgaFP11 "Phase Analysis of Electromagnetic Field Used in Medical Therapy and Stimulation."
M. Ziółkowski, J. HaueisenFP12 "Postprocessing Procedures for Reconstructed Current Density Distributions in Cardiac Regions."
H. Duda, J. Barnat, M. Balanga, Z. DrzazgaFP13 "Magnetic susceptibility of fibrin, fibrinogen, albumin"
Z. Nawrat, P. Kostka, Z. Małota, P. Powalaszko, Z. ReligaFP14 "Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty in vitro Simulation."
Z. Małota, Z. Nawrat, P. Kostka, J. Kaperczak, Z. ReligaFP15 "An Application of Cardiac Surgery Simulation to the Blalock-Taussing Anastomosis - the Retrospective Patient Study."
Z. Nawrat, P. Kostka, Z. Małota , K. RykałaFP16 "Experimental Measurements and Data Analysis of Mechanical Characteristics of Fresh and Physico-chemically Fixed Aorta."
S. Dumon, Z. Nawrat, P. KostkaFP17 "Artyfical Hand Used in Force Feedback Manipulators."
J. IhnatowiczFP18 "On the Determination of Distribution of Parameters of Three Dimensional Objects from Their Profiles"
J. Rumiński, A. NowakowskiFP19 "Early Segmentation of Medical Images for Content Retrieval."
W. Borgiel, A. Góral, Z. Malota, Z. NawratFP20 "On the Acoustic Phenomena Produced by the Turbulence in the Flowing Blood"
C. Filip, M. GasparFP21 "Simulation of Estimation of Pharmacokinetic Parameters I.Time Courses of Drug Concentrations after Oral Administration"
M. Gaspar, T. Kupka, A. HancuFP22 "Internet Resources in Bioengineering and Medical Physics Students Education. II NMR software in medicine"
R. Krzyminiewski, G. Panek, R. StępieńFP23 "Time Changes in Electrical Activities of the heart Muscle Fragments in High-Resolution Vectorcardiography."
J. BaczyńskiFP24 "Student Laboratory of Computer Measurments Techniques"
U. GaruskaFP25 "Licentiate in Medical Physics - Study at the University of Lodz"
S. Pietraszek, J.ŁatkowskiFP26 "Artificial signal source for evoked potentials data recording systems"
S. Pietraszek, M. AltmajerFP27 "Breathing activity measurements and analysis, using microcontroller and infrared data link"
E. Jezierska, M. Siczek, P. Czyzewski, G. Futa, P. MikołajczakFP28 "Statistical Analysis of Computed Tomography Images"
A. Dyszkiewicz, G. Sapota, Z. WróbelFP29 "The Computerised System for Steering the Process of Electrochromatography (ECGEO)."
A. Hacura, M. GrzonkaFP30 "Application of micro reflectance FTIR spectroscopy in skin tissue molecular in vitro study"
M. Kuliszkiewicz-Janus, L. Chwiszczuk, W. Sokolska, M. SąsiadekFP31 "Diagnostic significance of spine complex investigations in estimation of bone structure lesions in patients with haematological malignancies"
T. PietraszekFP32 "Glucose monitor reader for visually impaired diabetics patients"
E. Beck, R. Polaniak, B. Beck, M. Wideł, Z. DrzazgaFP33 "An influence of electromagnetic field on growth of murine squamous cell carcinoma cells in vitro"
E. Beck, B. Beck, H. Duliban, Z. DrzazgaFP34 "The Influence of AC Elektromagnetic Field and Static Magnetic Field on Enzymes Activity"
 Chairman: prof. E. Zipper
18.30Medical physicist status - discussion

   Saturday, 18 November 2000

 Chairman: prof. J. Gielewski
9.00-9.30 R. Krzyminiewski, G. Panek, R. StępieńSO1 "High-resolution Vectorcardiogram in Diagnostics of the Cardiac Muscle Ischaemia"
9.30-9.45Z. Małota, Z Nawrat, P. Kostka, J. Kaperczak, Z.ReligaSO2 "Coronary Artery Disease Computer Simulation"
9.45-10.00S. Pietraszek, S. ChwiedorukSO3 "Simple Telemetry System for ECG Recording"
10.00-10.15P. Kostka, Z. Nawrat, Z. MałotaSO4 "Computer Simulations of Coronary By-pass Procedures Based on Electric Analogues Model of Left Coronary Artery"
10.15-10.30M. Laszewski, R. Stegierski, M. Siczek, P. MikołajczakSO5 "Data Storage and Processing of Large Medical Images"
10.30-11.00Coffee break
 Chairman: prof. W. Borgiel
11.00-11.15A. Dyszkiewicz, G. Sapota, Z. WróbelSO6 "The Electrochromatography in Centrifugal and Electromagnetic (ECGOE) Gradient"
11.15-11.30J. IhnatowiczSO7 "The A/D Conversion of the Microscopy Images with no Loose of Optical Resolution"
11.30-11.45K. Rudzki, M. Hartleb, J. Rudzka, P. Michelsen, T. Kacperek, Hartleb, T. SadowskiSO8 "Can Artificial Neural Network Replace a Physician? Study on Discrimination of Mass Hepatic Lesions with the Use of Limited Base Of Data."
11.45-12.00J. Nalewajka-Kołodziejczak, S.Pośpiech-Kurkowska, E. Piętka, S. NowakSO9 "Detection of Antral Disturbances with Use of Fourier Analysis"
12.00-12.15E. RokitaSO10 "Quantitative Description of Age-related Changes in Trabecular Bone"
12.15Conference closing

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