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The deadline for submission is 15 September 2000. Submitted manuscripts will be published in the Polish Journal of Medical Physics and Engineering. The length of invited and contributed papers is limited to six and three pages respectively including the title, the authors' full names, affiliations, references, tables, and figures. One printed page of Polish Journal of Medical Physics and Engineering has 50 lines text (about 600 words) or two figures - 120mm width after reduction (or four figures - 60mm width after reduction).

POLISH JOURNAL of MEDICAL PHYSICS and ENGINEERING is an interdisciplinary publication of original contributions in both medical physics and biomedical engineering, concerning methods, clinical applications, technological development, research studies and experimental science.

MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION Four high-quality copies of the manuscript and 4 complete sets of figures should be submitted, accompanied by:
  1. a cover letter including the title, authors, address, phone, fax numbers and e-mail of the author to whom correspondence should be sent,
  2. the authors' statement that the article has not been previously published, except in abstract form and that it is not simultaneously under consideration by any other journal,
  3. copies of any published reports that may duplicate material in the submitted manuscript,
  4. written permission of author(s) and publisher(s) to use any published material (figures, tables or quotations of more than 100 words),
  5. information (title, city, data) of the conference at which a part or all the material was presented, and optionally
  6. names of potential referees and their address.

COPYRIGHT The publication agreement must be signed by all authors and accompany the manuscript.

STYLE of MANUSCRIPT Manuscript should be printed on A4 bond paper with broad margins. Use double spacing throughout, including the reference section. Organise the manuscript in the order indicated below. Author's name and page number should be typed on each page.

Title Page should include:

Abstract and Key Words. Abstract should have no more than 150 words. The authors should provide 5 Key Words below the Abstract.

Text. Papers should be organised in the following format: Introduction, Material, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions. Other descriptive hedgings and subheadings may be used as appropriate.

The authors are responsible for the correctness of language as it will be not reviewed by the editor. Be sure of the nomenclature, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalisation etc. Only standard abbreviations may be used without definition. Every effort should be made to avoid jargon, to spell out all non-standard abbreviations the first time they are mentioned. Be sure that all tables and figures are numbered according to the order in which they appear.

Tables. Tables should be inserted at the end of the text.

Figures. Figures should be professionally drawn.

Figure Captions should be listed on a separate sheet.

References. References should be listed in alphabetical order and numbered. The reference should include the full list of authors and authors' initials, year of publication, full title of the paper, usual abbreviated title of the journal, volume number and first and last page number. References should be identified in the text by numerals typed in parenthesis e.g. [1]. The authors are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the references.

ELECTRONIC MANUSCRIPTS Authors are encouraged to send the final version of their paper on 3 1/2 inch, 100 MB Iomega ZIP disk, CD-ROM in IBM compatible format or via e-mail. The preferred digital formats are: for text - rich text format (RTF), for figures - its original files (TIF, BMP, CDR, etc.).
Please do NOT insert an image files into the text file.
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