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2012 :: University of Silesia :: Ustron, Poland






Modernizing Educational Practice
Perspectives in Content and Language Integrated Learning

Ustron, Poland,
April 4 th- 6th, 2013




The conference is dedicated to academics and university lecturers, representatives of central and local educational authorities, non-governmental organizations and school teachers. The event is a great occasion for meeting experts in CLIL working in a varied set of areas.

Prof. Maria Dakowska (University of Warsaw, Poland)
David Marsh (United Arab Emirates)
Peeter Mehisto, PhD (United Kingdom)
Prof. Olivier Mentz (Paedagogische Hochschule Freiburg, Germany)
Prof. Miroslaw Pawlak (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland)
Prof. Rick de Graaff (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)



Since language instruction without a distinctively targeted content seems as untenable as squaring of the circle, the conference expresses a firm belief in the golden means philosophy that may

facilitate keeping balance between fostering communication skills and developing human capitals in various branches of economy. Hence, the conference has been designed as a forum of interdisciplinary academic dialogue on CLIL methodologies as well as purely practical consequences of implementing CLIL pedagogies in institutional educational practices, human resources management, labour market modelling, and multilateral political cooperation. More specifically, the papers are expected to address possible juxtapositions and intersections of the following:

> CLIL-focused theory and research: experiences and future perspectives

> CLIL in SLA theories (productive and receptive skills, linguistic and communicative competences)

> psychological and psycholinguistic perspectives on CLIL (attitudinal patterns, motivations, individual learner differences, cognitive and hermeneutic strategies)

> sociolinguistic theories and discourses (bilingual and multilingual education, international language policies, institutional implementation of CLIL initiatives)

> CLIL classroom discourse and management (classroom discourse, classroom interaction analysis, curriculum design, qualitative/quantitative assessment and evaluation, code switching)

> socio-cultural considerations (intercultural competence development, multiculturalism in theory and practice, ethnic/language minority classrooms)

> socio-economic contexts of CLIL implementation initiatives (labour market modelling, human resources management)

Proposals for original and previously unpublished papers (20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for questions) or workshops (45 minutes) reporting on research related to the theme of the conference, or posters regarding the issues are welcome for presentation at the conference.



Abstracts of papers, workshops or posters in the range of 200-250 words should be submitted by e-mail to CLIL2013@interia.pl by November 30, 2012. The proposals should include the title, name, affiliation, e-mail address and a short biographical note, about 100 words in length. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by December 15, 2012. Conference proceedings will be published.


All the participants are requested to return the attached registration form by November 15, 2012. The fee, which covers organization costs, conference materials, lunches and refreshments, conference dinner, and the cost of subsequent publication is:

paper / workshop / poster and participation -  200 euros 

The Conference fee does not cover the accommodation, however, special rates will be prepared for the Conference participants.

More details concerning the venue of the conference will be provided in the next Conference circular.



With best regards,

Conference Organisers: Katarzyna Papaja, PhD

Tomasz Burzynski, PhD

Artur Swiatek, PhD






The registration form is available here (Word 2003 format).


CLIL2013 is organized by

the University of Silesia's

Institute of English

and The Institute of English Cultures and Literatures 








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