TRAINING 11-18 June 2007

Flavianet in Katowice

by Henryk Czyż and Janusz Gluza

Teofil Ociepka - Miner in a Forrest (1956)

Teofil Ociepka "Miner in a Forrest" (1956)


Brief info
The programme

Brief info.
Lectures and excercises for about 20 students and Ph.D students of the european flavour physics network FLAVIAnet.

Mellin-Barnes representations for Feynman integrals will be discussed. It will be shown how to construct them for scalar and tensor Master Integrals and how to solve them both for massless and massive cases. Summation techniques used to solve Mellin-Barnes integrals, complete analytical results and approximations in some kinematical regions will be also discussed. Practical exercises will include among others implementation of Xsummer (by Moch/Uwer), MB (by Czakon), AR (by Gluza/Kajda/Riemann) packages to the calculation of some Mellin-Barnes integrals. Systematic approach to the differential equations method in scalar Feynman integrals evaluation will be given. It will be shown how to obtain a system of differential equations for Master Integrals of a given class of the scalar integrals and how to obtain, necessary for their solution, initial conditions. In some cases it is possible to find close analytic results using various methods and some of them will be discussed. It will be shown how to obtain efficient approximants in some kinematical regions by means of various expansions and some methods of an acceleration of the obtained expansion(s) will be discussed. The use of purely numerical methods will be sketched as well. The lectures will be followed by practical exercises, where students will solve relatively simple, but illustrating all aspects of the presented material, problems. They will be guided by the teachers.

We have reserved 10 studios for 20 persons at the University guest hotel which is about 15 min by foot from the institute. They consist of a large room separated into two parts with a small kitchen and a bathroom. The price is 57 PLN per person (114 PLN if there is one person in studio). There are also separate rooms, but with a common bathroom at the corridor for about 45PLN. Click here for hotel details and localisation. For somebody who would like to try some low price hotels in the center of Katowice:
Hotel #1
Hotel #2
The payment will be by transfer directly to the hotel, after registration, which should be made by sending e-mail to

Deadline for registration: 15th April 2007.
The maximal number of students we can accommodate is 20. The registration will be closed as soon as 20 applications will be filed.

'Jewess with citrones', Aleksander Gierymski,
Silesian Museum in Katowice

'Jewess with citrones', Aleksander Gierymski, Silesian Museum in Katowice The programme
11.06(Monday): arrival day
12.06(Tuesday): lectures (9-12),exercises
13.06(Wednesday):lectures (9-12), exercises
14.06(Thursday): excursion (Beskidy mountains)
15.06(Friday): lectures (9-12), exercises
16.06(Saturday): lectures (9-12),exercises
18.06(Monday): departure

The length of practical exercises will depend on the students knowledge of the algebraic programs FORM, Mathematica, Maxima. So the applicants are requested to state in the registration mail if they know the listed above programs. As the cultural interchange between different European countries is also important, on Sunday students can profit from being in Poland and choose some of the nearby places to visit on their own. They can as well decide to depart earlier - please state your departure date in the registration. The local elementary particle PhD student group will participate in the events on Thursday and Sunday.

How to reach us:

  • Airport Katowice-Pyrzowice (the most suitable): Lufthansa, EuroLOT, Wizz Air, Centralwings
  • Airport Cracow-Balice
  • PKP Train connections
  • PKP Train connections and more

    Interesting places near to Katowice:

  • Ustroń (health resort, mountains, 80 km from Katowice)
  • Cieszyn (the old town on the Polish-Czech boarder, 80 km from Katowice)
  • Pszczyna (a castle, 40 km from Katowice)
  • Kraków (Cracow, 1h30m by train from Katowice)

    Beskidy mountains, some pictures taken from the web page of the conference organized by us in September 2007 (click here for details).

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